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Välkommen till Uppsala-Walesiskt litteratursamtal

May 12, 2022
July 31, 2022

Torsdagen den 26 maj 2022, kl.17.00-18.30

Litteraturens hus, Walmstedska gården, Uppsala

Under hans besök till Uppsala kommer walesiska poeten Dominic Williams delta i ett litteratursamtal med poeten Lena Köster och bengali-svenska poeten Anisur Rahman.

Fri entré!

Dominic Williams



Dominic Williams is a best known on the west Wales spoken word poet, editor, literary curator, translator, teacher of creative writing and publisher.

Dominic has a long record of performance all over the world, including in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and the United States.

As a poetry editor and has co-operated with poets translating work from Bengali, Turkish, Serbian and Swedish.

His poetry collection ‘and why we were all oing’ was published by Three Throated Press in 2017.

His latest publications are Pen & Paper: Punks in Print, an illustrated lyric essay (Kultivera Productions, 2021) and En galen man på tåget - a collection of his poetry translated into Swedish (Magnus Grehn Förlag, 2022).

In summer 2022 a vinyl album will be released which includes some of Dominic’s poetry accompanied by a three-piece punk band.

The project, Unbearable Error, also features poetry from other contributors in Spanish, Serbian and Swedish.

Lena Köster


Anisur Rahman




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