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Welcome Wales talent Dominic Williams along with irish/swedish colleague Colm O Ciarnain

Sep 6, 2021
September 8, 2021

We welcome Welcome Wales talent Dominic Williams along with irish/swedish colleague Colm O Ciarnain to a literary creative mentorship visit to Uppsala Centre for Literature (Litteraturcentrum Uppsala). They are here for the duration of 7 days in September 2021, to conduct a root level research on multi diverse participants in literary creative method and participants for instance people with international background, voices from LGBT, people with special need and thus make a guideline for further development of Litteraturcentrum's programme volume to promote reading and writing in view of successful integration prior Uppsala City’s ambition to be the EU Capital of Culture 2029.

Both Litteraturcentrum and Studiefrämjandet provide platforms that operate international cultural programmes that are physical, social and creative and based in Uppsala, Sweden. Litteratuntrum and Studiefrämjandet have so far organised many cross-border meetings among artist academics and the wider community; and conducted several international programmes where artists from around the world have collaborated, worked and lived together in Uppsala.

During this visit, Dominic and Colm will be researching material in archives and meeting relevant people in Uppsala län in relation to producing a guideline paper for us to be presented at the end of his residency in Uppsala this time. It requires to have a clear insight of literary scenes and landscapes of the city with focus of cultural integration particularly on growing suburbs like Gottsunda, Sävja, Stenhagen and Gränby. In addition to it, he also scheduled to have necessary materials from Folkrörelsearkivet in Uppsala.

In addition, they are scheduled to participate in a series of literary events in Uppsala Region.

Skutskär skrivcafé, Skutskärs bibliotek
onsdag 8/9 kl.14.30

Sound Poetry Festival in memory of Zurab Rtveliashvili
Kulturkvarten Walmstedska onsdag 8/9  kl. 17

Literary Breakfast at Litteraturcentrum/Studiefrämjandet, Ljusbärargatan 2
Thursday 9/9 kl. 9.30

Literary lunch at Litteraturcentrum/Studiefrämjandet, Ljusbärargatan 2
Thursday 9/9 kl. 12

Book Launch, Epic Monologue, I am Sheikh Mujib by Anisur Rahman
Friday 10/9 kl. 17

Intercultural Literary Dialogue on Upplitt-TV
Friday 10/9 kl. 14

Poetry Reading at Cultural Night, Uppsala
Saturday 11/9

For more information:

Anisur Rahman, kontakt@litteraturcentrum.se
0725 37 11 55

Till Upplitt