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Kamerun-Sverige Kulturafton i Uppsala med poesi, musik, samtal mm

Jul 15, 2022
December 9, 2022

5pm på torsdag den 21:a juli 2022

Lokal: Kafé Mumrik, Kungsgatan 61, 753 21 Uppsala

Fri entré!


Serge Maboma, Kamerun

Odette Maboma, Kamerun

Roland Ngwee Ngijol, Kamerun/Sweden

Dan Melin, Uppsala/Sweden

Adelfo Zarazua, Guatemala/Sweden

Börje Larsson, Uppsala/Sweden

Anne Ella Sarkkinen, Finland/Sverige                  

Stina Rosén Uppsala/Sweden                                                                                               

Anisur Rahman, Bangladesh/Sweden

Mattias Tengstrand, Sweden

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"Odette MABOMA is a 47- year old native from Cameroon cumulating a long experience in the language field. As early as the year 2000, she started teaching English as a Foreign Language to French-speaking high school students first as a part-time teacher, then as a fully trained bilingual letters (English and French) professional. 2009 was a turn in her life as she undertook to study translation and interpretation from English to French and to her native tongue Basàa, her C language. Two years ago, in 2000, Mrs Maboma and four colleagues set up a translation agency called Lab Language Sarl offering translation, editing, proofreading, subtitling and many other services pertaining to this field. At Lab Language, she holds the position of Head of the Department of Translation and Quality Assurance of Language Services. As such, she supervises all aspects of the linguistic processes having direct impact on quality and service provision. When Lab Language decided to venture into book publishing in early 2022, she doubled as Officer in charge of Literary Production. Curious by nature and always eager to learn, Odette sees this as a new challenge and an opportunity to contribute her stone in the buoyancy of Cameroonian literature. In addition to the above-mentioned duties, Odette is a full time translator and Senior Assistant Research Officer at the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health. She is married to Serge Maboma and live in Yaoundé, Cameroon, where they are raising their three children."

"Serge Maboma started playing music while in high school first as a balafonist before switching to the bass guitar when he joined a choir. After high school, he fine-tuned his bass guitar skills in cabarets where he encountered professional musicians. This very instrument propelled him on the musical scene in Cameroon. In 1996, a group of six young boys and one girl burning up with passion for music started a music band coined Macase and Serge Maboma became their bass player. In 1998, Macase recorded its first album Etam which was released in 1999. This album was a great success and earned them national and international recognition as they toured around Cameroon, Africa and Canada. The band experienced two major disturbing events in 2005 and 2011 successively. The first one occurred in 2005 when three band members, namely the three singers, decided to quit and start their solo career. Serge Maboma succeeded in picking up the pieces and putting back the band on track. In 2011, another split occurred when the guitar player and one out of the three newly recruited singers left the boat again. Tenacious and motivated by his passion as he was, Serge Maboma saved Macase anew by recruiting new musicians in 2012. In 2013, Macase released the 11- track album "Nouvelle écriture" (New identity), another resounding success. With his band, Serge has won numerous national and international awards, and was honoured by the President of the Republic of Cameroon to the distinction of Knight of the Order of Valour. He equally served a two-year term as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Music in Africa Foundation. Serge is a prominent figure in the Cameroon music arena where he is working tirelessly for the promotion and expansion of Cameroon’s music. As the founder of the "Urban Live" association and Promoter of the Laboratoire Musical de Bastos (Bastos Music Lab), a multipurpose facility, he breeds young and talented artists in providing them with a rehearsal room free of charge, coaching and organisation of live shows, organisation of Master Classes and professional talks, artistic direction, etc. The Bastos Music Lab is currently a renowned music hub in the city of Yaoundé and Cameroon, and a place of interest for music lovers from all over the world."

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